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Precious pigments
Unlike the Posh Chalk Pigments, which are more metallic for the most part  and...well...shiny; these pigments are a bit more subtle, but no less striking and stunning. The pigments are available in three pearlescent colors:

platinum gold
Diamond  gold
Wedding Gold
Both Platinum and Diamond Gold are understated and perfect for adding a subtle touch of class to your furniture and interior design projects. Wedding Gold has a similar hue to Orange Gold Pigments, but with the telltale pearlescent luster of Precious Pigments. All new pigments are ideal for weddings, baptisms and even for  forthcoming  holidays.


Just like the established Posh Chalk Pigments, the Precious Pigments are best mixed with the Posh Chalk Infusor. Choose more infusor for a thinner wash, add less infusor for a thicker paste consistency.

To add a classy glow to your projects, turn to the brand new Precious Pigments.

Posh Chalk Precious Pigments

VAT Included
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