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Rice paper decoupage

Wallpaper motif, background, wallpaper, art deco


Attractive decoupage paper with retro motifs. Very strong and very thin natural  Paper; with clearly visible, very decorative  natural fibers. 

ITD Collection - Polish producer of rice paper for "napkin decoupage", "decoupage",  "Serviet days", "técnica de la servilleta".  We invite you to cooperation.

Size 210x297 mm (A4), paper weight  30 g/m2

Rice paper R1853

The best paper for crafts using the decoupage technique, suitable for both experienced crafters and beginners.

Very thin and particularly light - only approx. 30 g/m2, semi-transparent, natural white.

Throughout the structure of the paper there are characteristic visible fibers laid out in different directions, which are not all of the same thickness. Thanks to this property, the paper acquires an original look and unusual structure.

The paper is exceptionally strong and tear resistant, won't fall apart in your hands while working with it.

The paper can be easily glued to any surface used for decoupage (glass, wood, MDF, polystyrene, etc.) with any glue used for decoupage. It can be gently gathered on oval objects.

The paper does not wrinkle and is the best alternative to decoupage.

The very vivid colors do not smudge under the influence of the glue and do not fade. Beautiful patterns are printed using proven technology and are of the highest quality.

Rice paper for decoupage does not require any special preparation before working with it. Apply glue, stick, done!

The individual pictures should be torn out of the sheet of paper and not cut out with scissors. The irregular edges can be very easily concealed on the surface of the object to be glued. A few more coats of varnish are applied to the finished work.

ITD Collection - R1853

VAT Included
  • Size 210x297 mm (A4), paper weight  30 g/m2

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