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How to bring your transfers  on:

1. Hocus Pocus Petite Decor transfers are highly detailed and can be used on wood, lacquered furniture, glass, mirrors and many other smooth surfaces.

2. Desired surface must be clean and dry. Freshly painted surfaces will require a MINIMUM of 24-48 hours to fully dry. After this your project needs to be sealed with at least a single coat of a good quality water based sealer and allowed to dry fully for 24 hours before applying your transfer.

3. The transfers are pressure sensitive. Handle the transfer carefully when removing it from the packaging.

4. Each transfer consists of 2 sheets: the waxy backing paper and the printed transfer film.

5. Our transfers come with a loose wax backing paper which will not stick or damage the print.

6. Cut out the items you want to use before removing the wax paper.

7. When applying your transfer, tape the edges to ensure the design stays in place.

8. Rub the motif from top to bottom with the enclosed transfer tool. Carefully lift the transfer sheet to confirm the entire design has been transferred.

9. Use a clean, dry cloth to smooth the edges and ensure the entire transfer is fully adhered to your project.

Hokus Pokus FLORAL DREAMS Petite

VAT Included
  • package includes  3 x different sheets of  Size 30cm x 30cm Transfer & 1 x Transfer Tool

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