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High-quality synthetic brushes, ideal for water-based paints. The brushes are made from a blend of the best synthetic polyester and nylon fibers. The filaments are encased in epoxy resin and a stainless steel ferrule. Easy to clean. Ideal for a flawless finish.

These brushes are handmade in the Netherlands. They have synthetic bristles that are treated with a special dye at the top. As a result, the Cling On brushes can absorb a lot of paint without dripping and they remain dimensionally stable for quite a long time. The front, undyed tip of the bristles is softer and more flexible than the rear, dark-colored tip. Our experience with it: You can achieve a really nice, very even color image with it.
By the way, the synthetic bristles can be washed out very well. Due to their careful processing, the bristles of the Cling On brushes almost never fall out.
Since 2010, the Cling On product line has been handmade in the south of the Netherlands.


PriceFrom €15.95
VAT Included
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