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Our top tips for our Luxe Decoupage Paper 40g/sqm


When designing your piece with decoupage paper, remember that all true decoupage paper is transparent. A light or white background gives a clear, sharp image once the glue has dried. A dark background will matte the image to create a moody or softer look.
We recommend the wet decoupage method over other traditional methods when using our Luxe Decoupage papers for best results, as follows:
When you start applying your Luxe Decoupage Paper, work in 10cm sections at a time.
Add a THIN coat of glue or top coat to your project.

Aussie "St. Nick & The Elf" Luxe Decoupage Paper

PriceFrom €11.87
VAT Included
  • Medium - 40.0cm x 46.4cm 

    Small - 27.0cm x 31.3cm

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