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Our top tips for our Luxe Decoupage Paper 40g/sqm


When designing your piece with decoupage paper, remember that all true decoupage paper is transparent. A light or white background gives a clear, sharp image once the glue has dried. A dark background will matte the image to create a moody or softer look.
We recommend the wet decoupage method over other traditional methods when using our Luxe Decoupage papers for best results, as follows:
When you start applying your Luxe Decoupage Paper, work in 10cm sections at a time.
Add a THIN coat of glue or top coat to your project.
Spray the back of your Luxe Decoupage paper with a squirt of water. This will create suction as the paper is applied and should eliminate most wrinkles.
Place the top edge of your luxe decoupage paper on the  glued area of the project. Take your blue applicator tool (an invaluable tool) to smooth the Luxe Decoupage Paper across the glued area from top to bottom or from the center to the outside edge. Go to the next section of Luxe Decoupage Paper and paste Add another THIN layer of glue or top coat to your project, spritz with water if needed, then again use our blue applicator tool to sweep the Luxe Decoupage paper top to bottom over the glued area or center to outer edge. Repeat until you have glued all of the Luxe Decoupage paper to your project. Once dry, seal with a clear water-based top coat to protect your Luxe Decoupage paper. You can then paint over and blend the edges of the Luxe Decoupage Paper to soften them.Caution! LIGHT coat of glue, spray with water and smooth with our blue applicator. It's that easy!

Aussie "Christmas Hoot" Luxe Decoupage Paper

PriceFrom €11.87
VAT Included
  • Small - 27 cm x 31 cm

    Medium - 40.0cm x 46cm

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